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About MyAutoAdvisor/EV

MyAutoAdvisor/EV is a genuine, unbiased, free Recommendation System for Electric Vehicle (EV) Shoppers. When you rate your personal preferences on a series of relevant EV features and attributes, MyAutoAdvisor/EV delivers a customized, ranked report of recommended NEW automobiles based on what YOU value most! MyAutoAdvisor/EV is not influenced by, or biased towards, manufacturers or their selling partners.

Take the "Advisor" with confidence —YOU are in the driver’s seat! But...keep an open mind. The Advisor recommends based on ALL of your preference input, so you may be surprised at recommendations that are outside of your expectations. You can even receive recommendations for brands or body styles that you did not expect — because other vehicles may match your attribute preferences more appropriately than the brands or style you presumed.

MyAutoAdvisor/EV does NOT "filter down" your choices by eliminating what you have not selected. We "build" your recommendations, from the ground up, on the strength of preference you rate for each and every attribute.

Be prepared to make the right buying decision by taking MyAutoAdvisor/EV today!

Have Fun!